You can access videos and presentations from the ScoRDS Resilient Speaker Programme. We've also found some other fascinating online lectures from to watch. The videos in this section include:

Tore Drtina talks about Norway's national resilience arrangements and how they coped with the Oslo bombings and Utoya shootings in 2011. There are also a couple of great leadership lectures from General Stanley McChrystal and Simon Sinek and a fascinating talk from Maajid Nawaz on how to combat extremism at a grass roots level.

This webpage has been created following the Care for People national
event that was co-hosted by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government on
the 3rd June in Glasgow City Chambers.

Information relating to the Public Weather Service Customer Group (PWSCG).


A one day Masterclass to Increase the capability of responders to engage with communities and businesses to help them use their skills, knowledge and resources to cope better with emergencies.

This section of the site will present a range of inspiring speakers from publicly accessible websites like The aim of this section is to inspire thought and debate about subjects related to national resilience and to complement the face-to-face L&D activity that ScoRDS deliver.

In this section we have developed a number of short generic media clips available for use at Exercises and Events. These are available for you to download.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about a broadcast please contact Jenny