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Are you new to resilience or just need to refresh your knowledge?    Why not start with our introductory courses on the Resilience Arrangements in Scotland, Integrated Emergency Management and Preparing Scotland
Undertake a crisis management role within the RRP structures?   Our range of face-to-face training in crisis management for multi and single agency situations will meet your continuing professional development needs. **We are currently creating online content to support these course and will update this section soon**
Work in a specialist role such as STAC?   We currently have a courses and online learning material for those working on a STAC. We will be developing this section to host learning material on Care for People in the near future.
Develop your knowledge and career in resilience management?   The Professional Development Award in Resilience Management is delivered through distance learning by Coatbridge College


In the material below you will find information on our courses and some online material on essential skills in multi-agency working.


Emergencies and disasters can harm the health of people and communities in many ways.

Often, the direct physical effects are readily seen, while the impacts on people’s mental health and wellbeing may be less obvious and are sometimes hidden. Minimising the suffering of individual people, families and communities, and averting the risk of emotional and psychological injury are important parts of the response to any emergency.

You can read more about this in the Preparing Scotland - Responding to the psychosocial and mental health needs of people affected by emergencies guidance document on Ready Scotland

IEM is the philosophy to emergency management in Scotland. It promotes a flexible and adaptable attitude to multi-agency working.

This course is applicable to anyone with a 'resilience' aspect to their role.

This course is intended to give you a general overview of the Preparing Scotland guidance. 

This awareness course is designed for anyone in the resilience community who may have dealings with a Scientific and Technical Advice Cell - whether they be members of a Tactical, Strategic or STAC group.

Information about the Professional Development Award in Resilience Management