The Library provides access to journals, research, case studies and lessons.

ScoRDS are building up a bank of case studies about good practice, from global to local. You will also find access to the Resilience Lessons Database and quarterly report on emerging lesson trends.

If you have any knowledge to share about good practice and 'lessons into action' in your region or organisation, please let us know.

Situation Awareness is a vital component of effective crisis management and often the most challenging to achieve in a fast-paced or dynamic scenario. In order to help you gather, interpret and anticipate on behalf of your own organisation and to effectively share information in multi-agency meetings we have designed this simple template that we encourage you to make use of.

Case Study looking at the Development of the Emergency Liaison Group structures in the Highlands and Islands. The case study draws on lessons from incidents and exercises over recent years and provides an account of how the local response structures in the Highlands and Islands LRP have evolved.

This page will recommend some key resilience journals and research from around the world. You can also access UK and International case studies.

Cyber Security is a Tier 1 National Risk, and this course is intended to give a basic introduction to the subject and to generate discussion about the consequences cyber security failure.

Students may enrole themselves on this course. Click on the course title, then in the 'Settings' panel, select 'Enrole me on the course'.