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During the COVID-19 response we are unable to offer face to face Crisis Management courses. 

Instead we have developed elements of our Founding Principles course as short eLearning modules. 

What course should I do? 

If you are new to resilience or if you are completing the eLearning for the first time we ask that you first of all complete the Integrated Emergency Management Course. 

Once completed you can then move onto the modules we he have developed from Founding Principles. These are :- Resilience Structures Stress Management, Situational Awareness and Decision Making in a Crisis.

What other courses do you offer?

The Lifelines Scotland - Staying Well - eLearning module was set up and developed by NHS Lothian’s Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress to support the wellbeing of Scotland’s responder community. This online course is a staying well road trip to help get a better understanding of stress, mental health and resilience. 

The Psychosocial First Aid module which was developed from the Psychosocial Guidance and will help you understand when and how to provide Psychological First Aid in the immediate aftermath of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or a mass casualty event.

Finally we have the Community Asset Register, this module was developed by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and is only available to those who have volunteered and who have offered their skills and equipment to support an emergency incident. Please do not complete this module unless you have been asked to by a member of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

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